Brahman clergymen refused to acquire their privileges Minimize, so they created a completely new literature which specified, from time to time in an exceptionally in depth way, how rituals had to be done, the specific amount and good quality of fabric to be used, and the exact pronunciation of sacred formulas. This new set of texts, known as the Br… Read More

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[41] Some scholars such as Jack Goody state that "the Vedas aren't the merchandise of the oral Modern society", basing this see by evaluating inconsistencies inside the transmitted variations of literature from different oral societies including the Greek, Serbia and other cultures, then noting which the Vedic literature is simply too reliable and … Read More

Transmission of texts within the Vedic time period was by oral custom, preserved with precision with the assistance of elaborate mnemonic approaches. A literary custom is traceable in article-Vedic occasions, once the rise of Buddhism within the Maurya interval,[Notice 3] Potentially earliest during the Kanva recension of the Yajurveda regarding th… Read More

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